Color Of Water

Elevating Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and other voices of color to change the narrative around water.

Kedar Dabhadkar


Marc Oliver Quijano

Coalition of Accredited Laboratories

Billie Li

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Angela Guyadeen

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Corita Waters

National Park Service

Andrea León-Grossmann


Angela Mooney D’Arcy

Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples

José M. Rodríguez-Flores

Environmental Defense Fund

Susana De Anda

Community Water Center

Elizabeth Ruiz

Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Program

Nataly Escobedo Garcia

Leadership Counsel for Justice & Accountability

Andrian Lee

BCM Environmental and Land Law, PLLC

Ayako Tischler

Moonshot Missions

Ean Tafoya

GreenLatinos / CO Dept. of Public Health and Env.

Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud

Bayou City Waterkeeper

Breanna González

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Chriscilia Cox

SUMA Consulting LLC

Marleen Villanueva

Bayou City Waterkeeper

Julian Gonzalez


Maria Bone

Kearns & West Inc.

Nadine Robertson

Manchac Management Services and Consulting Group

Lucero Sanchez

San Diego Coastkeeper

Rachele Lopez

San Diego Coastkeeper

Jahan Taganova

One Young World Peace Ambassador

Frank Ruiz

Audubon California

Danielle Rivera

University of California Berkeley

Sandi Matsumoto

The Nature Conservancy

Gabe Vasquez

City of Las Cruces

Kristi Pullen Fedinick

The George Washington University

Arohi Sharma

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

maritza mendoza


Gia Moreno

Hood Community Council

Rene Henery

Trout Unlimited/ University of Nevada, Reno

Shreya Agrawal

The Xylom

Nusrat Molla

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Daniela Sherrill

Arizona State University

Charming Evelyn

Sierra Club

Victor Galvan

Denver Mayor's Office for Climate Action, Sustainability and Resilience

Crystal Sanders-Alvarado


Ashwin Dhanasekar

The Water Research Foundation

Anita Shervington


Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš


Michael Mendez

UC Irvine

Briana Muñoz

Pacific Coast Carbon LLC

Kimbaya Carriere

First Nations Fisheries Council- Water For Fish

Nahal Ghoghaie

Kearns & West

Sri Vedachalam


Alai Reyes-Santos

University of Oregon

Crystal Davis

National Parks Conservation Association

Joseluis Ortiz

Greenroots Institute

Jessica Dandridge

The Water Collaborative

Ed Marin

Louisville Water

Ciara Horne

University of Virginia

Jorge Roman-Romero

Georgetown University Law Center

Jeremiah Muhammad

Blacks In Green

Dira Johanif

Charles River Climate Compact

Sapna Mulki

Environmental Policy Innovation Center

Joaquin Esquivel

California State Water Resources Control Board

Newsha Ajami

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Afia Zakiya

Independent Africana Studies and EJ scholar-activist, currently Executive Director of Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation

Sonali Abraham

Pacific Institute

Emma Robbins

Planet Woman

Quentin Stubbs


Jaiden Willeto

Northern Arizona University / K'é Infoshop

Huda Alkaff

Wisconsin Green Muslims

Shama Perveen


Dezaraye Bagalayos

Allensworth Progressive Association

Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes


Alyssa Senturk

San Diego Coastkeeper

Pablo Ortiz

Union of Concerned Scientists

Shandin Pete

University of British Columbia

Jeremy Orr


Pita Juarez

Sunrise Project

Jillian Marshall

Heal the Bay

Sarah Traore

Charles River Watershed Association Inc.

Julia Fay Bernal

Pueblo Action Alliance

Cindy Donis

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

Nasim Pica

Weston Solutions, Inc.

Pedro Hernandez


Diana Piña Yitbarek

NC Department of Environmental Quality

Mahtaab Bagherzadeh

NWF/Clean Water for All

Ani Jayakaran

Washington State University

Fernando Ramirez

Hydraloop Inc.

Tony Bridges

The Maryland General Assembly

Roland Jones

Corvias Infrastructure Solutions

Jazmin Ricks

University of Pennsylvania

Nikki Tulley

University of Arizona

Vinicius Taguchi

North Carolina State University

Jacob Bernal

Northwest Public Radio

Maya Richard-Craven

Dr. Angela Chalk

Healthy Community Services

John Echohawk

Native American Rights Fund

Ruthie Redmond

Trimtab Sustainable Waters

Khalid Osman

Stanford University

Bridget Ray


Parsa Saffarinia

University of California, Davis

Maria Bone

Kearns & West Inc.

Alex Ortiz

Sierra Club

Nureen Faiza Anisha

Oregon State University

Cheyanne Harris

Brown and Caldwell

Cheyenne Holliday


Sanjiv Sinha

Corvias Infrastructure Solutions, LLC.

Alastair Bitsóí

High Country News

Alondra Hernandez


Priscila Alves

University of Maryland

Silvia R. Gonzalez

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Cathie Chavez-Morris

Equidad Group

Jessica Thrasher

Colorado Water Center

Keiko Wilkins

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Thea Louis

Duke Energy

Adriana Renteria

State Water Board

Bleu Adams


Veronica Garibay

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

Tanner Yess

Groundwork Ohio River Valley

Jared Romero

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Inc

Brenda Coley

Milwaukee Water Commons

Wendy “Poppy” Ferris-George

Ferris Institute

Lenise Marrero

Brown and Caldwell

Beth Roach

Sierra Club

Maria Elena Kennedy

Kennedy Communications, Inc

Angel Santiago Fernandez-Bou

University of California, Merced

Analise Rivero

California Trout

Milin Patel

World of Water Consultancy Ltd

Ngodoo Atume

Clean Water Action

Vicky Espinoza

The Nature Conservancy

Marccus Hendricks

University of Maryland - College Park

Vidya Balasubramanyam


Martin Griffin

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Carlos Moran

Council for Watershed Health

Heather Tanana

University of California, Irvine School of Law

André Sanchez

California Wilderness Coalition

Damian Shapes Padilla

Georgetown University


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About Us

The Color of Water Initiative was created by the Water Hub to build voice and visibility for people of color in the water movement. Our goal is to connect reporters with a more diverse set of experts, and build capacity for these experts to elevate the stories of their communities, which have often been left out of conversations around water.

From water access and drought response in the West to lead pipes and PFAS pollution in the Great Lakes; to recurring flooding and water infrastructure failures in the South, Color of Water members have deep expertise and first-hand experience on water challenges and solutions all across the country.

Read the joint statement by Color of Water members on the launch of the Color of Water directory and the importance of equity and inclusion in the water world. 

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Learn about the what, why, how, and when of the Color of Water from this interview with our Relationships Manager, José by Waterloop.

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