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Vinicius Taguchi

North Carolina State University

Stormwater Extension Associate


pronouns: He/Him
state: NC
Tribal Affiliation: NO
languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese
race + ethnicity: Latina/e/o/x or Hispanic (e.g., Latin American, Central American, South American), East Asian (eg: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese)
Vini Taguchi is a Stormwater Extension Associate at North Carolina State University working under Dr. William F. Hunt III, where his work focuses broadly on urban green stormwater infrastructure projects and making communities resilient to climate change. He is most passionate about implementing solutions together with communities in ways that empower them and prevent displacement through green gentrification. Vini is also a Ph.D. candidate in Civil Engineering at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory of the University of Minnesota under Dr. John Gulliver and Dr. Jacques Finlay. His research is focused on understanding and controlling internal phosphorus loading in urban stormwater ponds. In his free time, Vini serves as the current president of the Twin Cities chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, a civil rights organization committed to fighting for social justice for all those who are victimized by injustice and bigotry.

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