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Priscila Alves

University of Maryland

Manager and Postdoctoral Research Associate of the SIRJ Lab


pronouns: She/Her
state: MD
Tribal Affiliation: NO
languages: English, Other
race + ethnicity: Latina/e/o/x or Hispanic (e.g., Latin American, Central American, South American)
As the Manager and Postdoctoral Research Associate of the SIRJ Lab, Dr. Alves work focuses on stormwater mitigation with spatial tools and participatory research in multiple cities of the United States. Her previous work also include developing risk-based spatial-participatory frameworks for flooding mitigation in semiarid regions, with cases in Brazil. She have developed multiple methods for integrated management of water resources (i.e., NEEDS for ACTION tool) to reduce water conflicts in semiarid regions and propose sustainable measures to improve quality of life. In addition, Priscila also has experience developing place-based citizen science projects for the collaboration of stakeholders to analyze social, structural and institutional vulnerabilities, including environmental justice, of communities facing cascading disasters, especially flooding and drought risk, with case studies in the US, Brazil, United Kingdom and Thailand.

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