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Kimbaya Carriere

First Nations Fisheries Council- Water For Fish

Water For Fish - Project Coordinator


pronouns: She/Her
city: Vancouver
Tribal Affiliation: YES
languages: English, French, Spanish
race + ethnicity: Mexican American, Mexican, or Chicana/o/x, Indigenous (e.g. Native, Native American, First Nations, Comunidades Indígenas, Indigenous descendant), White, European, Caucasian
I am a versatile Indigenous Project Coordinator with a background in successfully executing diverse projects that work towards having Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island be informed, resourced, united, and recognized to actively exercise governance and jurisdiction on Water. I am currently working closely with multiple First Nations communties in BC and would like to expand my scope and network. I am looking to further support Indigenous communities to build Blue Networks (freshwater and Marine) of Indigenous protected areas where they have full jurisdiction, authority and enforcement power. I am also interested if further supporting the integration of Indigenous Knowledge into Communities Monitoring and management systems.

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