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Jahan Taganova

One Young World Peace Ambassador

Sustainability Professional and Water Diplomat


pronouns: She/Her
state: NY, SC
Tribal Affiliation: NO
languages: English, Other
race + ethnicity: Other not listed or I prefer to use my own words (please specify at the bottom)
Originally from Turkmenistan, Jahan Taganova is a water diplomat, One Young World Peace Ambassador, and scholar, working at the intersection of global development and public policy. Jahan graduated with a joint MS in Water Cooperation and Diplomacy between the world- renowned UNESCO-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, UN Mandated University for Peace, and Oregon State University. Jahan’s research interests include water governance, integrated water resources management, climate justice, critical development studies, and social justice, and provides work that bridges the gap between natural resources and at-risk populations. In her work, Jahan aims to bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice through the lens of systems thinking and human-centered design.

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