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Diana Piña Yitbarek

NC Department of Environmental Quality

Water Engineer - ChemE/ Community Organizer


pronouns: She/Her
state: NC
city: Raleigh
Tribal Affiliation: NO
languages: English, Spanish
race + ethnicity: Latina/e/o/x or Hispanic (e.g., Latin American, Central American, South American)
I enjoy talking about restoring hydrological and ecological functions of mother earth. Merging technical fields with traditional knowledge. Revitalizing indigenous traditional wisdom and practices to manage water resources (i.e., Relearning to see water and ecosystems as more than a natural resource and honoring perspectives that impact needed behavioral changes.) I am currently an engineer for the NC Department of Environmental Quality doing my part on the journey to implement emergent compounds monitoring in NPDES permits and industrial user permits in North Carolina. Previous to this experience, I worked for the San Francisco Bay Water Board in the Groundwater Cleanup Division, managing environmental surface and subsurface investigations projects to advance water remediation and land restoration.

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