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Bridget Ray

The Salish Sea Collective



pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
state: WA
city: Olympia
Tribal Affiliation: YES
languages: English
race + ethnicity: White, European, Caucasian, Indigenous (e.g. Native, Native American, First Nations, Comunidades Indígenas, Indigenous descendant)
As a Mixed-Native Two-Spirit person with a close connection to Mother Earth, Bridget has deep expertise in mobilizing Indigenous visionaries driving community-led solutions. She can discuss stewardship, equitable governance structures, community-based participatory models, and environmental accountability tools. She is focused on developing criteria around centering environmental justice in municipal programs and policies that impact the Salish Sea. She an accomplished tribal planner and facilitator and is passionate about integrated green infrastructure. As a light-skinned Native person, Bridget identifies as a person of color but acknowledges her lived experience is different from others in the diverse Indigenous community.

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