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Alastair Bitsóí

High Country News



pronouns: He/Him
state: UT
Tribal Affiliation: YES
languages: English
race + ethnicity: Indigenous (e.g. Native, Native American, First Nations, Comunidades Indígenas, Indigenous descendant)
Being a small producer of foods, I've had to learn to be innovative. For instance, I've traveled miles and put wear-and-tear in my Chevy Cruze Hatchback to haul water from local mountain springs to nourish and grow foods, like Indigenous corn, the Four Corners potatoes, greens, and flowers. Water is life, and I know from growing-up. I always remember how I had to boil water for washing dishes, and how boiling hot water burned my left food. It's a scar now, but it teaches me the need for water access, rights, and advocacy in Indigenous communities.

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